Churches and snores
on a Sunday morning
Unwashed bed sheets
and the empty streets
You wake up & your
stomach roars

You find the racoons
have already had their
way with your trash,
and ants have descended
to carry away whatever
morsels went unspoken for

The question now is whether
you return to your bed



if you are attractive
i want to buy you dinner
all you have to do is smile
i believe i might ply you
with this french cuisine
and its high ratings on yelp!
and labeled $$$$
which means above $61

as you browse the menu
i’ll think to myself that you
deserve something buttery
something fishy
something with creamy rich sauce
no onion
a dessert with pineapple and ice cream
and a bit of something to take home



My dolls are not gay. Ken is stiff. Midge is naked on the ledge of my dad’s sink. My mom told me not to have Tara Lynn go for Becky. My Tutti is a corkscrew. Nothing works with these heads. Tutti is still lying in my mom’s craft drawer so dad can fix it with E6000. Elmer’s could not even hold my grandmother’s thimble in Bopsy’s hair, denoting her royalty.



Her heels…
what the hell?
Spoky —
The height of the New York City projects.
On the street…
below a window sash done up in the heat of August.



The lipstick of a lady lover
The language of the trees
in repetitive motion
seagrass speaking easily
under salty ocean
the sort-of bruise you leave
on what is shared between us