Book notes

Today it occurred to me that a book should exceed a certain weight or size in order to be called a tome. Small, skinny books are not tomes. “Title” can be used to refer to a book of any size, however.

Today I saw a pamphlet-sized magazine in a magazine rack mixed in with the lit stuff. This, too, is erroneous taxonomy. Even worse was the fact that the pamphlet (or bulletin?) was $12 or so.

If you wanted to get really technical, then I will add to this list magazines that resemble paperbacks. Or are all paperbacks novels? The mind boggles.

Switching gears a bit, I’m tired of seeing Ansel Adams hogging up shelf space in the photography section at bookstores & libraries. And Picasso, too, in the art section. Although I like his work.


Workflow prose

Bludgeon me here in my cubicle. Dress me up in your dress code then smash me over the head with a time clock. Bring me to with a shower of coffee, cream and sugar, then sign me up for the company barbecue.

You ask me never to go home. I say yes, I am flexible. I want to not live. When I go, just leave my car happily in the B Lot and bring me a pillow so I can dream forever of your employee handbook and 401(k) manual.