Phrase of the day …

Clocks are fascist gadgets.



I am taking forever and ever to eat my yogurt. The creamy substance is something to stir and stir with my teaspoon until homogenized and then remove gently with my mouth, using no teeth, only tongue and lips.

The pomegranate seeds are a bitter, crunchy counterpoint. Still, we must bear the unpalatable in order to be more present during the blissful — even if it is, in this case, bacteria that somehow rivals Reddi Wip

With the yogurt, the bottom of the cup is something to scrape and scrape — the spoon something to leave in my mouth as a I carry the cup to the kitchen and drop it into the trash, comforted by the thought of another and then another waiting in the fridge to be eaten.

Hope is coming

a sign on a church property said that hope is coming
meaning that hope is not here right now but will arrive someday
meaning some of us may not live to see this happen
meaning our children’s children
meaning we must stand around waiting for this hope
meaning what: hoping for this hope
meaning what