Cassandra Keenan is a poet, flash-fiction author and visual artist living in Las Vegas, Nev., with her beautiful cat, Cooksie. When not writing, she’s making collages in her studio.

Cassandra loves doing this, that and the other thing when it comes to words. Well, not entirely. Most of her writing is shorter form, including micro-poetry, flash fiction and brief hybrid essays.

Her flash fiction has been published by Five 2 One magazine and has been featured as part of Left of Center gallery’s A Room of One’s Own exhibit in Las Vegas, which paired literary works with visual art. Additionally, her poetry is included in a women’s literary anthology titled Legs of Tumbleweeds, Wings of Lace.

» Elsewhere Online: You can follow Cassandra on Instagram, where she regularly posts her latest artwork, or visit her art website. She also posts on Twitter.