:: Sexy ::

Stars in Taurus
My hip has
a ding where
you placed your
heart last night
and a portrait
of stars in Taurus
right ascension
position at
a 90-degree

You are
a Pavlovian
I said
to him
in bed
And I

The “E” in her first name
looks like a heart
or a woman’s rear end
or man’s testicles.
Her signature is phallic,
tapering off
into a squiggly line
at the top of her “A”
as if orgasmed.

One Shot
What do you want
young lady
she asked
an injection
I said
is what I want,
of love

Succulent —
its name derived
from the Latin word
“sucus,” meaning juice,
says Wikipedia.
It must be an envied
plant status
in the world of flora —
a botanical Aphrodite

Her mouth, inhabitable
her body, lyrical
her feast, movable
her neck,
to myself.
So soft.
and yet a perverse
urge to bite.
In a B-movie
I’d puncture
& draw blood —
drag her off.
(audio version of ‘thirst’)

:: Unsexy ::

Tracking the Sky II
This note on the violin
shows where that cloud goes.
Always the flute knows
the whereabouts of the moon.

On the sun-hazy Vegas highway
horizon in July,
a crawling cop car

I drank my energy bill
in coffee,
read my Internet fee
page by page in bed
and swallowed my car bill
at the dining room table

1,000 MPH
The sky at which I stare as I lay back
is a fill-in-the-blank but
I will accept that cloud as an idea
& I am open to myself as floating
turning circles through space
in multiples of 3 or roughly 15.38 times
the legal highway speed